Tress Care!

We all desire long luscious hair. In India, women with long hair are the symbol for beauty. However, with our stressful lives these days, it’s not always easy to maintain your hair. Moreover, the environment can have some of the most damaging effects. Sun exposure create intense problems like brittle, dry and weak hair.

Following tips can help you take care of your hair by adding some simple habits to your daily routine:

1) A clean scalp is the first sign of healthy hair. Shampoo your hair at least thrice a week to keep the scalp clean. If you have extremely oily scalp, then washing everyday is essential. Look for shampoos and conditioners which are “Paraben free” as they aim to protect your hair and can be used everyday. We recommend the new Ultra Blend Shampoo by Garnier. It’s easy on the pockets and gentle on the hair, a great combo we’d say!

2) Hot oil massage either at home or salon is the best way to de-stress at any given time. Classic coconut oil or almond oil are best suited for Indian hair.

3) A very good idea is to have a moisturising/spa treatment on fort nightly basis again either at home or salon. It will ensure your hair is healthy & soft.

head-spa-1741846.jpg4) Include “amla” in your diet. Indian gooseberry is the best gift from nature to keep hair shiny and in controlling grey hair.


5) Finally, a well balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals will keep your skin and hair healthy and hydrated. Don’t forget to have your daily dose of fruits, nuts, green veggies accompanied with lots & lots of water.


Hope you enjoyed the article.

Stay Blushed!

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