Winter is Coming…

We, at TBC love the winter season. But the limited stint that cold season has in Mumbai, it still leaves our skin dry and rough. The moisture of the skin gets depleted, as a result our skin is not able to produce as much oil as it does during summer.

TBC shares a few tips to keep your skin healthy during winters:

1) Based on you skin type choose the right moisturiser. If you have dry skin, select a more dense moisturiser as it will help in replenishing the lost moisture. We recommend two classic creams that are still going strong and never let you down – Nivea and Ponds Cold cream. 

nivea-1495475.jpg2) At least twice a week use a gentle exfoliator/scrub to do away with dry and flaky skin and make it smooth. We heart the Soap & Glory Scrub of you life.
2) Natural ingredients are a gift to your skin. Use cold milk/rose water to cleanse the skin every night before applying moisturiser.

drip-175551.jpg4) Sunblock is most essential. Even in winters, the UV rays can cause enough damage to your skin. So don’t forget to step out without a sunblock. Vichy Ideal Soleil, Banana Boat, VLCC all ranging from SPF 30 to 50 are ideal for Indian skin.


5) Our lips tend to dry up and get chapped easily during cold season. To avoid this, it’s necessary to keep your self well hydrated. So, drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.
For removing the dead skin from lips, simply make a milk cream paste (1 tbsp fresh cream + 1 tsp sugar) and apply on your lips. While scrubbing be extra gentle and careful while  as lips are one of the most delicate parts of the face.



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