Ausum Tea!

“Where there’s tea, there’s Hope!”  – Sir Arthur Pinero

In India, tea is one aromatic beverage that is consumed in almost every household. Most of us begin our day with a hot cup of “kadak chai” and let’s face it a well made cup of tea is just what we need to break away the morning blues.

Ausum Tea

Recently, we came across a very interesting brand called Ausum Tea, that specialise in Tea & tisanes that are made from special herbs and fruits. The brand is a young start up by two brilliant ladies – Mayura Rao & Medha Rao, who are set to give you a wholesome tea drinking experience. The cool part is their teas are not produced in mass, but are in fact hand made in small batches especially customised to suit your taste buds.

Ausum Teas

Ausum Tea sent us 3 of their signature blends & here’s our verdict:

  1. Banana Nut Bread
    Ingredients: Banana, almond flakes, middle eastern dates, black grapes & natural flavour
    Review: The name caught our attention and the aroma makes you feel as if you have stepped in a bakery! Banana nut bread sounds like a desert & yes, it can be easily classified as desert in a cup. Because of the ingredients it’s naturally sweet and a pleasure for the taste buds. The tea can be served hot or cold, we personally loved it cold. This is the best one from the 3 blends.

    Banana Nut Bread
  2. Pure Seduction
    Ingredients: Organic darjeeling white tea, chamomile, hibiscus and lavender
    Review: This tea is best served hot & has a strong but pleasant aroma. In terms of taste, it is slightly bitter and quite similar to green tea. Although you don’t need to add sweetener, but if you don’t enjoy strong teas, then we recommend to add some honey and enjoy!

    Pure Secduction
  3. Calm’em Nerves
    Ingredients: Organic darjeeling tea, jasmine buds, chamomile and echinacea
    Review: Chamomile & jasmine have a calming effect on our body. The flower based brew has a light to mild delicious taste. So if you don’t like strong tea’s then this ones for you. The flowery fragrance will fill your kitchen while you steep. Just as the name, it will make you calm and relaxed. Enjoy this cuppa hot!

    Calm’em Nerves

In terms of pricing, they are slightly expensive however we feel it’s a good experience for all tea lovers and a must try. The pack of 3 signature blends sent to us is priced at INR 350, it’s a good deal if you want to give it a try. You can shop Ausum Tea here.

Ausum Tea is unique concept and the brand shows commitment towards providing organic and quality tea blends.

We hope you enjoyed the review & will soon experience Ausum Tea. Please do share your comments & feedback below.

Stay Blushed! xoxo!



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